Simple, easy and straight forward. Our philosphy consists of making the whole process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you, from start to finish. Our approach is to create personal spaces which reflect who you are, and which are focused on the way you want to live.


The Discovery

During this first meeting we discuss about the overall project and the client's personality, style, tastes, preferences and aspirations - in essence, to learn what is important to him/her, in creating the new scheme, so that the finished project is a true reflection of his/her needs.


This is also an opportunity to ensure that any constraints are identified and discussed before we start working on the project. We also discuss drawings/floor plan budgets and time-scale so that the project can progress smoothly. This meeting is followed up by a written proposal to the client.


Conceptual Design

 In response to the client's brief a concept scheme is created for discussion. This will be presented in the form of layouts showing space utilization and furniture layouts. We produce mood-boards to show the overall atmosphere and colour scheme of the project.​ 


Detailed Design

Once all elements in the concept design are agreed upon with the client, the project moves to the Detail Design and Specification stage. Every element of the scheme is designed and specified (materials, furniture, customized pieces, fixtures, fittings, kitchen, bathrooms, ...) for the client to sign-off. Samples are presented for discussion and client approval.


Procurement & Delivery Management

 After the detailed design has been duly validated, a detailed cost plan is presented. This sets out the cost of each individual element per room and a summarized project total budget. Every stage of the procurement process from price / delivery negotiation through production / delivery / quality management, is managed in order to maintain the planning, and to deal with any post delivery issues that may arise. 


Project Management

The project is managed and monitored on site, on a regular basis, and any issues arising in the course of the project, are resolved in a timely and pragmatic manner, in order to maintain time, quality and cost control.


Installation & Decoration

We coordinate the delivery and positioning of all furniture, equipments and accessories, decoration and artwork.​